Every scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching, for showing mistakes, for correcting, and for training character.

2 Timothy 3:16 Common English Bible (CEB)

A few Sermons

  • MX is all about RISK
    • God requires risky obedience too. 
    The Precious Seed
    • Ever thought about how you could potentially start receiving more favor and Blessing from the Creator of the world? 
    • Patience is not free and we have to train to have it just as we train to do obtsacles on the race tracks. 
    Time to ACT and Time to SUCCEED
    • Not to take away from GRACE, but God tells us to Seek Him and that requires US to do something other than sit on the couch.
    Got ya!
    • Knowing God is for you will change your whole perspective on life. You will stop thinking of God as someone looking down from Heaven, ready to yell, "Got ya", anytime you mess up.
    JESUS is Alive
    • A summary of How Jesus is Alive in us through the Holy Spirit.
    Are you ready for the gate to drop?
    • Message published in Holeshot Magazine encouraging racers to check their heart before the gate drops on enternity.
    Called to do Great and Mighty Things
    • Message delivered to Youth at Lingleville Baptist Church in Lingleville TX
    To Judge or NOT to Judge
    • Just some POWERful thoughts backed by the Word
    Your being watched
    • Message delivered to Element Youth at River of Life Church in Eastland TX
    Better Understanding Tragedy
    • Getting in the word and understanding tragedy - delivered at a 3rd Day Productions AX event.
  • Winning Winning Winning
    • Message delivered to Eastland High School football team during playoffs in Eastland TX.
  • Prayer for our Nation
    • Prayer delivered at River of Life Church in Eastland for the National Day of Prayer in Eastland TX
  • Choose Friends Wisely
    • Worship Opening on encourgaement to youth on chosing freinds wisely.
  • Suicide Funeral Service
    • This was a tough one but God spoke. A funeral service for a fellow motocross'er and friend.  
  • Everything about "The Race Scene"
    • This is my first written sermon and was delivered many years ago at Hillbilly MX in Stephenville TX. It has many race scene analogies such as competing,  championships, winning, victory and fame.
  • Do you have to be Baptized to be Saved?
    • Any interpretation which comes to the conclusion that baptism, or any other act, is necessary for salvation is a faulty interpretation. Click link for full Biblical clarity.

It is Good